Privacy Statement

DROPS (Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme) has an obligation to manage and maintain an anonymous online register of dropped object incidents as reported by DROPS Member organisations. This system, titled DORIS (Dropped Object Register of Incidents and Statistics), produces accurate, relevant statistics about dropped object incidents, but we recognise that it is your confidential information that we collect to produce these statistics.
To achieve the objectives of DORIS, we depend on your cooperation and trust, and promise to protect the confidentiality of your information. The following statements guide our data gathering and management process.
Data protection
Any personal data that you may be asked to provide with regard to your secure access privileges will be held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act.
Electronic Form Data
We collect the following information:
Anonymous Dropped Object Incident Report data that will be used for the following purposes: In all cases this information will only be used for the stated purpose for which it was provided. The data is collected so that all anonymously gathered industry dropped object incident statistical data can be processed and presented in a graphical format.
Through secure access, individual users may input and review their own data only, and download such data in order to collate and present statistics. The DROPS Campaign Team shall, on a quarterly basis download all data in order to collate and present statistics.
Opting out
If you have any concerns regarding the data held by the DROPS Campaign Team or wish to opt out of this information gathering scheme, please contact us at:
DROPS Campaign Team
c/o Silverdot Ltd
Aberdeen AB12 5LF
T +44 1224 861811